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SVT’s Improved

My name is Sarah Rice, I am 28 years-old, I have had recurrent, spontaneous SVT episodes since I was 14 years old, in the last 4 years they have worsened in severity, requiring trips to the ER with the administration of adenosine for conversion, these episodes have also increased in frequency, approximately 1-3 per month. I was on Toprol (which made me sluggish, light-headed, and dizzy) and saw my cardiologist who insisted on a pace maker; being an RN I just knew there had to be a better way for an overall otherwise healthy woman in her twenties, who was 5 feet 10 inches, 155 pounds, exercised, and ate an almost balanced diet. I heard from other RN friends of the success that they had experienced from Dr. Hoover for a wide array of illnesses and dreading another trip to ER or a pacemaker, I made an appointment with Dr. Hoover. Since I saw him in July and started his regimen, I have tapered completely off the Toprol and have not had one episode of SVT. I tapered off the Toprol twice before and did not make it longer than 11 days without an SVT episode. I feel wonderful, I have more energy, sleep well at night, and feel overall like I have less stress in my life, and above all I don’t fear going to ER twice a month anymore or worry about surgery or a pacemaker.