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Lost weight and feel amazing!

Hi Dr. Hoover,

   Since you were kind enough to help me the first time I’ve gotten great use from the things you professed.   If you remember I was taking 480mg. of morphine sulphate on a good day and as much as three times that much on a bad and still receiving no relief.  I was 380lbs and smoking and without exaggeration, so weak if I spit more than two or three feet, I ran the risk of passing out and falling down.  I’m now 240lbs, still on the way to 210 but I have had the energy to combat Hep-C and so far it seems win the battle.  I have survived Masters disease or Lyme like delight and two months ago had a knee replacement.  All these travails I have had the strength and attitude to weather largely due to the help you gave me.  When you go to bed at night know that if nothing else you do or have done seems what it might be, you have helped one person beyond measure.   Thank you