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Elder Care

Dr. Hoover,

Thanks so much for all the updates…especially the latest on the EFA’s.  As per your advice, I started my 95-year-old mother-in-law on enzymes and cod liver oil when she moved in with us a year and a half ago.  The improvement in her physical condition is unbelievable!  She had literally been on death’s door when she got here; she had been terribly over-medicated and took only a one-a-day multivitamin.  Since my conversation with you, and in conjunction with her geriatric physician, I gradually got her off all unnecessary medications and introduced several supplements.

The biggest improvements have been to her cognition and her skin.  She’s sharper than ever (except for the usual short-term memory lapses); and her skin is no longer the texture of onion skin and the bruising has almost disappeared.  She was pretty much an invalid when she got here (she had spent 3 years in assisted living in West Virginia).  Now she goes to Adult Day Care (she calls it “school”) 3 days a week and has gotten her life back!  Every aspect of her health has improved.  The doctor and all the nurses say they have never seen anything like it….  Of course, I’ve had them enter everything she is taking into her medical records.  Maybe someday it’ll dawn on the medical profession that alternative medicine works!!

Thanks again,