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I have adult-onset diabetes, diagnosed about three years ago.  Although I ate very little, I couldn’t seem to lose weight.  I was having trouble sleeping through the night, had high blood pressure and my morning blood sugar levels were 180-200.

On the advice of my sister, I went to see Dr. Hoover.  He recommended a series of vitamins and minerals and gave me a diet of mostly organic and naturally grown foods to replace the foods that we normally eat that contain high levels of pesticides and other unnatural chemicals.  Since I began the diet, vitamins and minerals, I have lost weight, reduced my prescribed medications by ½ and no longer have to take blood pressure medicine.  My morning blood sugar level stays under 120, I’m losing weight and feel a lot better.

I highly recommend the use of the vitamins and minerals and the diet recommended by Dr. Hoover.  He has helped me see what I need to do to maintain my health and feel better.  The vitamins and minerals are unlike any other I’ve taken…they are designed for maximum absorption into your body and they truly make a difference!  Even if you have no current health problems, the use of these vitamins and minerals and maintaining a diet of natural foods can help you maintain your health in the future.