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If you KEEP being sick, and KEEP going to the doctors and they KEEP giving you more and more pills…..NOW is the time to STOP and reevaluate!!!

By the time I heard of Dr. Hoover, I was on nine (9) different medications, and still was getting sicker and sicker and in bed more than I was up. The doctors said I was depressed, because I “wouldn’t” leave home, but it wasn’t that I wouldn’t it was because I “couldn’t”! I was to sick to get away from the bathroom!

Now I’m on only two (2) medications, and am on my way to cutting them down and gradually out, as they are the type you can’t just drop without adverse effects. I gaining my life back, and able to do as I used to. Life and family is just to precious to miss out on any of it!

If anyone says this is to expensive, then try taking almost $1000 a month in chemical medicine, and still be very sick and literally going bankrupt, compared to taking God’s natural medicine, with a lot less cost! If I went into my kitchen and took everything Dr. Hoover gave me, I might end up with diarrhea, but if I went into my bathroom and took all that the pharmacy gave me I’m very sure I’d end up DEAD! Guess what my choice was!?

Not only will Dr. Hoover help you get well, and I mean from the inside out naturally, he will agree with you in prayer towards your healing, if you want him to. To say how much I appreciate him and his wife Barb, there just isn’t enough words of appreciation in our vocabulary.

So instead of saying what do I have to lose, it’s better to say “look at what all I have to GAIN!” I will tell you A LOT, and a life back!

Mrs. Viv Honicutt

Springfield, MO