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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Learn about your Functional Health Status with this information Blood Chemistry Analysis. Find out the "Root Cause" of your health concerns and why being in the "Normal" range does not mean you are healthy!

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Saliva Hormone Analysis and Trace Metals Anaylsis

We provide a full complement of Saliva Hormone Panels and Trace Hair Metal Analysis. These assessments provide a more comprehensive overview of your hormones and mineral levels, including Toxic Health Metals!

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Personalized Dietary Supplement Protocol

Based on your Functional Health Assessments, Dr. Hoover will prepare a Personalized Dietary Supplement Protocol for you. No more trying to figure out what you need or do not need for supplements!

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Great Overall Health Improvement!

Following my 2005 diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a very good friend introduced me to Dr Hoover. Dr Hoover explained in easy-to-understand terms the condition of my body that had allowed cancer to take hold and flourish. We went to work to re-balance my body's pH and the results followed. Little by little, my tumors reduced in size. At the same time, I was amazed at my new-found energy and stamina. Through his coaching and God's amazing grace, my immune system is now hostile to disease growth! My medical doctors advised that I wouldn't live to see Christmas 2006. I'm forever grateful that I am "cancer-free" and for the friendship and guidance I've gained from Dr Hoover.

Jeff Jones" Tampa, FL